Somewhere West of here
and South of Canada

The music of Kid Rock floats out of a house brushing aside a red gingham curtain over the hot apple pie set down to cool on a window sill.

It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man…

Drifting up, and over the big red barn and out into the bruising Northern Michigan sky “All Summer Long” dissipates. Lifted and stretching further and further treble separates from bass, melody from vocal line and everything from context.

As airplane streams by too high to hear we can only imagine a meeting of sound at 32,000ft. A jet engine surely negates the music, met with deafening sonic power even Kid Rock, the motor city man, is cancelled out and only a chemtrail remains.

….It’s the simple things in life, like when and where
We didn't have no internet…

In the kitchen, an iPod touch, the musics source, sits on top of a box of tools on the kitchen counter. A pair of internal speaker do their very best to battle with the steady lollop of the ceiling fan, the rising murmur of ailing AC and refrigerator buzz. 

We survey the scene and our attention is fixed, the panning camera stops as a jacket hung up by the door comes in to frame, we zoom in once and then a second time (Coppola eat your heart out). It’s entirely fitting to it’s scene, the Carhartt shoreline jacket could have been here for years if it wasn’t for the pattern.

…Now nothing seems as strange as when the leaves began to change
Or how we thought those days would never end…

Realtree Xtra, the 2013 release from the makers of photo-realistic camouflage pattern is distinct. Unlike multi-terrain patterns of the British Military or the Digicamo of the America Armed Forces, high definition photo-realistic patterns are not an abstract attempt at disguise. Blotches, squares, dazzles, squiggles, blimps, spatches, nuggets, boggles, strips, scrambles, pumples, lines, lines, lines and dots are replaced with real trees. Swipes, gripes, bumbles, lingers, tribbles, dribbles, swizzles, spots, splots, brushes and trails are replaced with real trees.

…singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long…

In High-Definition, assemblages of colour become collages of branches, leaves and moss. Digitally printed these collages are no longer abstracts, no longer paired down artistic impressions of the natural environment but real trees.

…singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long…

In RealTree we are not only able to be specific in time but also in place. Whereas military camouflage is designed to be a universal, as multi environmental as possible, RealTree is tailored to a much smaller range of locale. Recreational hunters patrol a much smaller range and are thereby able to be far more specific their disguise, RealTrees are now not simply RealTrees but specific RealTrees, Midwestern Hardwood and mixed forest RealTrees or reeds, swamp and river bottom RealTrees of the South Eastern United States.

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The camera tilts forwards slowly panning down to the floor and then suddenly takes off, up through the ceiling, through the master bedroom floor, iron bedstead, mattress, sheet, duvet, blanket, decorative throw cushion, cool air. Nestled in a chandelier made from old coca-cola bottles the camera pauses, an onboard microphone captures the subtle clink as the bottles connect.

(advert continues barely audible through the house)

Following the flex up through a modest ceiling rose, up through the bedroom ceiling, white paint, plaster, sheet rock, insulation, fibreboard into an attic space, the camera rises to show it’s filled with 10 to 15 chairs, covered in dust as you’d imagine, old as you’d imagine, silent as you’d imagine, still and piled uncannily as you’d imagine.

One, a folding lawn chair, checked crosshatched fabric with a dark green metal frame is Clint Eastwoods from Gran Torino. Laying just to the right, chains slack and upturned is Gregory Pecks from To Kill A Mockingbird. Chris Tuckers yellow number from Friday perches atop the jump seat from the Millennium Falcon which in turn leans up against a plush row of red velvet cinema seats from Scream 2, Scary Movie and Diner.

A close zoom reveals skin particles from Mickey Rourke still nestled in the velvet, mixed with popcorn kernels, cardboard fibres and the smell of teenage lust. A rap on the roof is the rattle of a terrestrial aerial bowing with the wind into the hollow of a satellite dish. Now only useful, like the birds, to tell the weather, the intensity of wind, the coming storms that baffle away those chemtrails and keep blowing East.

Audio by Dominic Jaeckle